How to solve a cube 4x4

Welcome to the lesson!

This lesson will teach you how to read formulas and solve a cube 4 by 4.
We don't recommend this lesson if you do NOT know how to solve a Rubik's Cube 3 by 3.


Schemas & formulas


Step 1. Centers

Step 2. Edges

edge⬆️    U’➡️    R⬆️    U⬅️    edge⬇️

R⬆️    U⬅️   R⬇️  F⤵️  

R⬇️’  F’⤴️   R⬆️   

Dd➡️    R⬆️    F’⤴️    U⬅️  

R⬇️  ⤵️F  Dd’⬅️     

Step 3. White cross as 3x3

Step 4. White corners

Step 5. Edges middle layer

Step 6. Yellow cross

r⬆️2    B’⤵️2   U⬅️2    l⬇️

U⬅️2   r’⬇️    U⬅️2    r⬆️

U⬅️2    F⤵️2    r⬆️    F⤵️2

l’⬆️    B’⤵️2    r⬆️2


Step 7. Yellow edges

Step 8. Yellow corners

Uu⬅️2   Ll’⬆️2   U⬅️2   l’⬆️2

U⬅️2    Ll’⬆️2    Uu⬅️2    F’⤴️

U’➡️    F⤵️    U⬅️    F⤵️

R’⬇️    F⤵️2    U⬅️    F⤵️

U⬅️    F’⤴️    U’➡️    F⤵️   R⬆️



Step 9. Orient the yellow corners

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