Book a quick call with Natalia (30 minutes)

I am Natalia, a Rubik’s cube tutor and the creator of the tutorial It is a free tutorial designed for kids, featuring video lessons and simple step-by-step guides on how to solve a Rubik’s cube and various puzzles.

But if you get stuck with a puzzle and need my help,  I’m open for a quick call. Just book an online meeting with me.
Step 1. Choose the date and time. We will send a confirmation and link for payment to your email during the day. 

Step 2. Make a payment.


How to prepare for our meeting!
We use the Zoom app for meetings.
1. Please, install the Zoom App on your smartphone. Make sure it is working.
2. If you have no holder for your phone, you can create it using a paper cup, let’s see this video.

3. During the meeting we use the main camera of the smartphone because I have to see your hands and cube clearly.

See you,
Best regards Natalia

Booking of date and time will be done in Natalia’s time zone. Eastern Time.