How to solve a MegaMinx

How to solve a MegaMinx


Steps 2,4,6 Corners | 1st, 3rd layers

Step 3. Edges | 2nd layer

Step 5. Edges | 3rd layer

Step 7. Edges | 4th layer

Step 8. Grey star | last layer

Step 9. Edges

Step 10. Placing corners

Step 11. Flipping corners

I'd like to introduce my smart nephew Ilia.

I used his algorithms in my lesson. Ilia taught me how to solve this puzzle.

20 thoughts on “MegaMinx”

  1. hi could you please make a tutorial on a 5×5 I learned how to do a Rubix’s cube from your website and my brother scrambled my 5×5 so could you please make a tutorial?

  2. I can’t solve it with the last step. I do step 10. All the corners are placed correctly and just need flipping but when I do step 10, it doesn’t work and ends up messing up another face. It’s been driving me crazy for a week. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Hi Beth! 🙂
      It definitely looks like your corner/corners were accidentally screwed.
      There are no algorithms to fix it.

      In this case, please
      1. Solve the puzzle until step 11.
      2. Flip the corners physically without algorithms.
      You will get a completely solved puzzle.

      Then mix up the puzzle and try to solve it with algorithms.
      I absolutely sure everything will be ok!

      Please let me know your result!
      Good luck, 🙂

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